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How We Chose The Best Android Auto Head Unit

How We Chose The Best Android Auto Head Unit

2023-04-24 16:56

We've assembled our list from head units that fit the most common car radio sizes: single DIN car stereo and double DIN car stereo slots. These picks are based on Crutchfield's expert recommendations, user reviews and ratings at popular shopping sites. 

Before you dig in, check which stereo will fit your vehicle by using Crutchfield's Find What Fits tool. Enter your vehicle make, model and year, and you'll see speakers, Android Auto head units and more that will fit your ride. 

3 things to look for in a new Android Auto head unit

  1. Double DIN or single DIN: The two most common head sizes are double DIN and single DIN units. Single DIN stereo openings measure 2 by 8 inches while double DIN openings are 4 by 8 inches. If you're replacing a double DIN unit, you'll have more options to add smarts to your stereo. A single DIN doesn't automatically mean you won't be able to pair your Android phone to your car for Android Auto, but you will have fewer choices with this Android Auto unit.
  2. Types of receivers: There are a few different head unit categories, each offering a different feature set depending on your needs. Can't let go of discs? You're in luck, as you can have physical and digital in one package with a DVD receiver. Digital multimedia receivers don't have an optical drive, but they can play back audio and video and many have touchscreens.
  3. Features: Android phone integration isn't all you'll get for your dollar. If you want to feel like you're using your phone, look for a capacitive touchscreen rather than a resistive one. Many models also include pre-outs for adding external amps and subwoofers, in addition to HD and satellite radio tuners. For the most convenience, look for a model with Bluetooth and wireless Android Auto app connectivity.