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What Is A Carplay Box?

What Is A Carplay Box?

2023-05-15 14:27

The Carplay box can realize the mutual conversion of the car system without dismantling the car, does not affect the car's own system, and does not need to replace the display screen. How the original steering wheel control is operated, how to operate it after the external box is connected. For example, the carplay box of Chelianyi can achieve:

convert hicar to carplay
Android auto converted to carplay
Rear installed android screen converted to carplay
Convert wired carplay to wireless carplay
Is it necessary to buy a Carplay box?
If you strongly want to abandon hicar/Android auto and turn to the carplay silky camp, but do not want to dismantle the car to replace the original screen/module, then the carplay box is suitable for you, and it is necessary to buy it.